Everything you need to know about sheet mask

What is a Sheet Mask?
Sheet Mask is a face-shaped sheet fabric soaked in nutrition-packed solution called serum. These sheet masks are different from other facial masks (paste type) that are being used from ages.The concept of sheet mask comes from South Korea (not north, mind it!). South Koreans have always been ardently dedicated to skincare and cosmetics. Now they are widely popular in whole of Asia, Europe and other beauty-aware continents, thereby, changing beauty industry real time.

What makes a sheet mask?
These sheets can be made of materials like microfibres (fibres of cotton) or hydrogels (jelly like substance). The hydrogels are made up of essences. These essences are the nourishment our skin needs in order to stay healthy. Hydrogels begin to melt with the heat of skin, so the essences reach deep into the pores.

How it works?
Easy. Simple. Neat and clean. Peel the packet, take out the mask, put it on your face, remove after 15-20 minutes, and pat in the excess serum. You don’t even need to wash the face afterwards. Just ensure that you removed your make-up before wearing the mask.

Why should I use a sheet mask?

  • They are best at hydrating the skin.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • They do not hinder other works.
  • Time saving.
  • They are very sanitary.
  • Instantly glowing skin.

Sheet Masks may not completely replace the traditional masking techniques, but they are however better and more suitable in today’s busy schedule where every second counts and every penny saved matters. If you haven’t tried a sheet mask as yet, subscribe to our SiN boxes and feel the difference instantly.

Does skin type matter?
No. Sheet masks can be used for all the skin types. There are some sheet masks that have special essences for different skin types, which is mentioned on them.

What can I do during the masking time?
Anything. You can talk, giggle, and even do the work you were doing. No need to sit still. The special items along with the sheet masks in our boxes will also help you to enhance the masking time and experience.

When to use?
Although, sheet masks can be used at any time of the day, but for the best results, they should be used at night, some time before going to bed. Let the serums do their working in your pores overnight and wake up with a glowing skin!

What if I have a busy schedule?
This is the best thing about sheet masks; you don’t need to make out time specially for them, they don’t hinder your routine. While other face masks require you to have at least 30 mins to yourself, with sheet masks you can resume your tasks without a delay. Time is money, my friend!

How frequently can I use it?
There is no harm in using a sheet mask every day as long as you do not wear it for long durations. However, using 1-2 times a week is sufficient enough.

What to do with –

  • The sheet mask after using?
    It can not be reused. One sheet mask is for one time usage, it ensures basic hygiene.
  • The remaining essence?
    Do not throw it away; it can be used to nourish the skin over your elbows, neck, palms etc.

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