Ola Amigos!

We are here to beautify your skin, sparkle your swag and nourish your noor! (following the footsteps of Korean skincare)

The world is ruthless. Not only to you but to everyone; to itself as well. So if you are still waiting for your knight in the shining armour, please know that there is no one above and over you.

Take care of yourself. Love yourself and keep getting better each day. Shame the shamers. Glow. Radiate. Shine.

You will realize that there is nothing better than to feel confident in your own skin which is healthy and glowing, We want to make a change by delivering high-quality skin-care right at your doorstep at an affordable rate, and Korean skincare just does it. All you just need to do is subscribe to our Sheet mask monthly subscription boxes and love yourself the way we love you.
We are based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, completely obsessing over these Korean skincare babies and would like to share this love around. Sheet masks are a simple, quick and fun way to start caring for your skin and the best part about these Korean babies is that you don’t need to be an expert to begin using a sheet mask. Whether you are about to start your masking journey or already addicted to them like we are, we promise that there will be always something for everyone.
Sheet Masks are the soul of Korean skincare, and while you are using them, rule the world and let us take care of your skin.

Don’t wait and subscribe to our boxes, curated just for you, and avail the launching discounts!



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